One-room flat packages

Package of 4 studios Bytom- SOLD

Bytom 32 Batory Street

4 furnished and rented studios

Income of 4700 PLN net per month already after administrative costs

Price: 539,000.00 PLN

Annual return on investment: 56.400.00 zł

Package of 4 studios Siemianowice Slaskie- SALED

Ul. Michalkowicka 3

4 rented and fully equipped studios

Monthly income 5050 PLN net

Annual return on investment: pLN 60,600 net after administrative costs

Price: 560,000.00 PLN

Package of 3 studios Chorzow x3

Chorzow Plac Piastowski 4 Package of 2 studios – Current

Price for two studios 310.000 zł

Chorzów 16 Ratuszowa St. Package of 3 studios- SOLD

Chorzow ul. Strzelców Bytomskich 14 Package of 3 studios- Price 400 thousand It will be ready in August.

Monthly income 3600 PLN net

Annual return on investment: 43.pLN 200.00 net

Package of 4 studios Bytom-Sold

20 Piłsudskiego St

Package will be ready in the second half of May

Package of 4 furnished studios divided into two land registers, on each register 2 studios

Net monthly income of 4600 PLN after administrative costs

Annual return on investment 55,200.00 PLN net

ROI 10.6%

Price: 520.000.00 PLN (130 thousand per studio)

Package of 8 studios Bytom

Optional option to buy 5 studios or 3

28 Wyczółkowskiego Street

1 floor, 198 sqm

Monthly return on investment 9500 PLN net (with 8 studios)

Annual return on investment 114 000 PLN net (with 8 studios)

ROI 10,4%

Price PLN 1,100,000

Gliwice- SOLD

26 Świętego Marka Street

Package of 2 studios after major renovation ready to move in

New furniture, new appliances, new kitchens

City heating


First floor

370,000.00 thousand zlotys

Gliwice- Package of 3 studios- SOLD

11 Mastalerza Street

Price: 490 000 thousand


Królowej Jadwigi Street 2

A package of 3 studios will be built here

The project will be completed around September 2023

Rybnik- Centrum

Piasta Street 15

112 m2

1 floor

A package of 5 studios will be created

Time of completion 2023/2024

ROI above 10%